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Welcome to OPTI-MATE. Here it is our goal to provide bridge design professionals with the very best in bridge design software and service. We have been successfully offering quality bridge design software and services for nearly 20 years.

Pricing and Support

Our programs are created to help and benefit structural design engineers and bridge engineers in the bridge software industry, providing several great elements to be used over and over again. Prices for each program license vary based on the number of copies of a program, or the different programs already licensed to a corporation or organization, including branch offices, Universities or DOT’s.

Program prices include one year of free maintenance, update and support, or MUS. MUS is optional after the first year, but it is highly recommended to be continued afterwards. Continuing your MUS will keep your program current with the ever-changing specifications, and up-to-date with new program developments. The value of the program(s) will be further enhanced as well.

Please request pricing information by completing an Information Request Form or call us at 610-530-9031.


Some facts about our software:

  • OPTI-MATE software has been in continuous use for over 30 years and has certainly withstood the test of time, from the era of mainframes and time-sharing up to the present personal computer.
  • All software has been kept current with the latest AASHTO Bridge Design Specifications. These fine programs have been enhanced regularly with new development to further increase both their usefulness and their productivity. For several of the programs, Guide Specifications can also be chosen.
  • All software meets or exceeds established standards for development and documentation, as well as field testing and beta test sites, public and private.
  • All programs run using Windows operating systems.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email us today!