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About Us

Welcome to OPTI-MATE, where it is our goal to provide bridge design professionals with the best in bridge design software and service. We have been successfully offering quality bridge design software for nearly 20 years, with such programs as:

Merlin-DASH For straight line girder (steel & reinforced concrete)
Merlin-DASH/PBeam Prestressed concrete girder
DESCUS I & II For curved (multi-alignment) I or box girder bridge systems
TRAP For rating and analysis of truss bridges
SABRE For sign bridge analysis and evaluation


  • Save Time – High performance to facilitate many design iterations or alternative designs in minimal time.
  • Save Engineering Cost – Each program can be utilized to analyze and/or design many different structures or projects.
  • Easy to Learn and Use – Standardized Windows-based user interface for easy input of structure information.
  • Choices – Each program offers a selection of the appropriate AASHTO WSD, LFD or LRFD specification using either English or S.I.Units.
  • Time Tested Results – These programs have been developed and enhanced using established standards for quality assurance and quality testing.

Our Clients

We are proud to present a summary of our current users.
  • State Departments of Transportation
  • Federal, State and Local
    Agencies / Authorities
  • Multi-Office Consultants
  • Local Consultants
  • Universities
  • Fabricators