Concrete Bridges

The prestressed precast concrete girder analysis and design program, PBeam, is a submodule of the popular MERLIN-DASH program and will perform a complete analysis and code check of simple-span and multi-span prestressed highway bridges, in accordance with the latest AASHTO Standard and LRFD specifications. The PBeam design system contains features generalized to a level which allows universal usage. The program is accessed through a user-friendly preprocessor for data preparation and executed by using the latest numerical analysis techniques to accommodate general usage of strand patterns, arbitrary loadings, and user-defined girder members. The program will compute and print the results in tabular form for any defined points along the span for the following: Section properties for composite and non-composite; dead load and live load reactions; shears, moments, and displacements; stresses for various construction stages; prestressing losses and forces; ultimate moments provided and required;
and cracking moments.